How to Organize your Garage

Organizing your Garage

Garage is probably the most neglected and messiest part of your entire home. But with a little bit of effort it is possible to utilize the garage space to maximum level. Estimation shows that, only 30%-40% of the garage spare is used for parking the car. Rest of the place is used for storing things. With the below mentioned ideas, you can organize your garage to get the most use out of it.garage organizing tips

Before you start the garage organizing process, you must have the following tools with you. The tools are as mentioned:
• Trash Bags (Heavy Duty)
• A broom and a Strong Vacuum Cleaner
• A large Basket for odds and ends

A common mistake people do is that they buy new containers for organizing the garage. Don’t buy them just now. First get a clear idea about your garage stuffs, then buy based on the correct size and sturdiness.
To begin the process you should start cleaning the floor with a broom or Vacuum cleaner and clean the floor for oil and chemical stains. Also you should look for nails, cobwebs and insects.

Garage Cleaning organizing

Then you should divide your entire garage into zones. You should have at least 3-4 zones. Begin the process by grouping similar items. Popular zones for your garage can be

• Recycle Center
• Tools
• Car supplies (Engine Oil, Anti Freeze, and Fuel Injector Cleaner etc.)
• Sport Equipments
• Workshop area

Once you have sorted all the parts and divided your garage into zones, then you should plan for your garage storage. Do a self assessment of your garage space and began storing items at proper place. You should utilize your vertical space. Make sure that the chemical items and dangerous (flammable) items are kept in a locked place. Re locate all the items in their new home inside your garage. Sort items into the zones you have planed and within a few hours you will see how organized your garage is. If you don’t require any specific items, I would recommend you to either trash it or donate it to someone if he needs it.

Once the organizing is done, you will feel that your garage will give you a great feeling of accomplishment. Set a reorganizing schedule. It is recommended to re-organizing your garage at least twice a year. Always remember to keep things in their allocated zones and dispose any empty cans or unnecessary items. This habit will help you to keep your garage organized for a long period.

Below I am giving some tips to Organizing your garage.

• Store more on walls by mounting hooks. The best way is to add a layer of ¾ inch over the drywall. That gives you a very good surface.
• There are plastic storage bins available to make garage ceiling track storage. This will organize the maximum space of the ceiling of your garage. So consider installing overhead storage to organize your garage.
• Add a garage cabinet.
• If you have lots of rakes, brooms and garden tools cluttering your garage, then install a hanger to make a wall tool holder.

So, why are you waiting? Start organizing your messy garage by following the tips.