Best HID Kits

The ultimate guide to choosing the best HID kit for your car


The HID (High Intensity Discharge) is a car’s customization attributes that makes a statement. Similar to getting a paint job done, HIDs can really make your average vehicle model transform in a personalized automobile. When compared to bulbs or standard halogen lights, the HID light kits are much more powerful. These are also known as ‘Xenon headlamps’ as these are filled with xenon gas that produces light in such great intensity. In fact, the power of xenon lights emit some of the xenon gas at the start, which is how it can give your vehicle a faster warm up.

Hid headlights replace the filament of a light bulb with a gas capsule. The light gets emitted from electrodes spaced closely within a tubular quartz glass capsule envelop for an arc discharge. For the HID lights to operate, ballast is required to supply the ideal voltage and current control. The light emitted is much more than the standard halogen light bulb. The advantage of using HID headlight kits is that the power consumption is much lower and is very close to emitting the color temperature of the natural daylight. Also, these are as much as 300% more powerful than the standard light bulbs when it comes to their lighting efficiency. So what are the advantages of having the best HID kit for your vehicle?


What are HID conversion kit benefits?


High Intensity Discharge bulbs are the lights that you find in vehicles, stadiums, theme parks, gyms and more. These are beneficial for those driving in the dark and require bright light. These are much brighter than the halogen light source. Customers of medium range cars can also take the advantage of having hi-tech accessories in the automotive with the most in demand requirements being the HID headlight bulb and the HID Xenon conversion kits. Users can get access to:


  • About 300% more intense lighting
  • A greater visibility range
  • Exceptional performance in fog temperature
  • Longer life and incredible functionality
  • An enhanced personality achieved for your car
  • More light supplied with lower electricity consumption
  • Successful compatibility with modified luxurious car like style
  • Quality products that guarantee maximum customer satisfaction


HID light kit considerations


Once you’ve decided to install HID headlight kits in your automotive, there are some immediate aspects that you must determine before purchasing a similar kit. When choosing a HID conversion kit look into the warranty of the product. The ideal HID kit comes with a guaranteed up to three year’s warranty. The material durability is another crucial factor.


You would want to avail a headlight kit that is waterproof and shock resistant. Also, it should be able to resist road vibration. Another vital consideration is the ease of installation. Does the kit allow you to plug and play or you need to manipulate the model in order to make it work seamlessly with your vehicle’s lighting system?


What are the functions of HID lighting?


The HID conversion kit offers several different functionalities, which includes efficient lighting systems for most vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorcycle, and more. Get to experience brighter lights even in the most terrible weather conditions as most variants allow you to obtain the maximum features of an HID installation. However, it doesn’t mean the best hid kit is much better than the others. In this case, it is the same as is with any product – you get what you pay for. The reason why this difference can be significant is because various models are engineered to deliver slightly different solutions to the common problems.


These HID light kits work better than halogen headlights and unlike other lights these require no filaments to produce light. Household bulbs use filaments to produce light. Overtime, these filaments start to deteriorate due to the intense heating with use until you ruin the light source. Instead of such functionality, the HID lights use xenon gas as their primary light source. Essentially noble gases are combined with xenon contained in quartz tube connected to two high-voltage electrodes. The arc obtained from an HID light kit creates three times as bright light much intense than the usual halogen bulbs.


Why convert your car lighting system to HID?


The simplest reason why you would want to convert your car’s existing lighting system with HID is its light emission technology, which is high in performance than ordinary light bulbs. Being 3x times more powerful and functional is the biggest reason why you would want to get it installed in your car. Another prime factor that comes into being is your vehicle’s safety issue. With HID headlight kits installed, drivers will have a wider range of view and be able to achieve a clearer vision whether in rain, fog or intense darkness. These are great for a secure highway drive as the light’s viewing range takes up about 70% of the road. In fact, this happens to be the most beneficial functionality of choosing HID kits over the original halogen light bulbs.


Especially when it comes to late night driving, nothing exceeds in performance than the best HID kit installed in your vehicle. Many car manufacturers are including HID lights as a feature in their latest releases that is uplifting not just the functioning of these models, but also contributes to saving through these higher-end purchases.


However, your car’s HID light fits also come in exciting variants that you would want to choose to enhance its lighting performance a great deal. The most common HID lights are:


  • Single beam light with 2 HID bulbs and 2 ballasts


  • High/low beam with 2 HID bulbs


  • Single HID to switch between high and low beam (telescopic)


  • 2 HID bulbs for high and low beam as in Bi-Xenon

HID lighting systems are the commonly used vehicle lights that come with state-of-the-art technology, are safe and look great. These are the future of lighting systems as more and more car manufacturers are making them a standard in their lineups. In fact, given the trend, it won’t be long before the lighting technology will become mainstream and available as a reliable stock feature. The pricing too is quite reasonable for the HID light kits. A decent kit would cost you around $120-$6000 and higher depending upon the size, color, variant, design, and other specifications you’re looking at.


What should the HID headlights kit include?


The best light kits will include top quality components necessary to installation the system in your vehicle. A standard kit will have 2-direct plug-in HID lamps, 2 ballasts, the essential wirings, and easy-to-follow wiring schematic diagram for setup. Some vehicle HID kits may come with battery harness and might just need to be requested.


Installation Tips


Many new cars today are equipped with the HID headlights as a standard option. These make unclear paths visible, thus making it really safe to drive at night. If you thought that a HID kit installation is extremely complicated, here we have a breakdown of the steps:


  • Remove the stock bulb from the vehicle’s headlight assembly
  • Insert HID lighting into the headlight housing
  • Connect the HID light to the ballast and the ballast back to the stock
  • Test the light to see whether it works fine, or else gently flip the adapter to 180-degrees


Using the HID conversion kit, your car’s lighting source will be much brighter and you will be able to obtain a better vision. There are no intense modifications needed, so an HID conversion for your car is a great choice as you will find a noticeable difference in the vehicle’s performance. Even beginners in automotive or car use will be able to perform this simple installation by themselves. However, you could refer to some great video tutorials if you’re unsure about it.


Safety measures


Like any other installation, your car’s HID kit install also needs to be done in a safe manner. To perform the installation securely, firstly wear a glove that keeps your hands away from any sharp objects that can be dangerous during installation. Be very gentle with the light bulb removal and new HID kit restoration as it is delicate. Remove the bulb very carefully and try not to use your bare hands to do so as the filament may be hot. This is another reason why we recommend using HID headlights.


Apart from these necessary aspects, keep in mind that the delivery and shipping of your product is also very significant as it may take up to weeks if you don’t choose the proper vendor. In case you’re having any trouble with the merchandise, the customer program may be really helpful to get the kit replaced as it seldom happens that it may not be compatible with your vehicle or there’s some manufacturing defect or so. Make sure while choosing the kit that the ballasts are the state-of-the-art product that will improve not just your car’s lighting system functionality and performance, but let it start intact for even a longer time.